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Fume Extraction, Control & Management

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FumeCube Data Sheet


Popular, Portable Package for Flexible Fume Extraction.

Air cleaning for applications where solder and rosin (Colophony) fumes, solvent vapor, laser plume or particulates from grinding etc must be extracted.


Now available in Dual Arm Version


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  FumeBuster Details



FumeBuster and Accessories


Local multi-user systems with arms, nozzles, plenums and cowls for up to 3 stations in a small soldering area, progressive assembly line or where rework is done.

High volume flow is featured with a full filtration package for this cost-effective machine.

FumeBuster is a highly cost-effective fume extraction system



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9000 Series Data Sheet




The 9000 Series give High volume Fume extraction for Wave soldering, Reflow ovens, Solder Pots, Grinding, laser welding, and Process Cabinets with monitored air return to the workplace.



Constant volume flow control for processes with 200m�/h to 5000m�/h

(125cfm to 2940cfm)


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Tip Fume Extraction for Soldering Areas

Multi-station 200i-HP solder iron tip flux fume extraction for Hand-Soldering area, Work Bench Fume Management, collects fumes rather than disperses them. Economic, low-unit-cost per station with purification for wide-area, multi-station - up to 50 hand-soldering locations - tip extraction systems.




     Compact Solder tip fume extraction for up to 15 tips


Tip Extraction Systems and Accessories - Almost silent, centralized extraction for multiple soldering iron stations in hand soldering, rework or progressive assembly areas. Suitable for Metcal, Weller and many other soldering irons


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Laser Fume Removal

Laser Fume Extraction

Air purification & filtration for

laser marking, coding, cutting, welding, engraving and etching 





Alpha 200 Economy Laser Fume Extraction






XBase 400 Engraving Laser Unit





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9000 400i


Monitored Fume Extraction

InkJet vapor extraction







Vapor extraction

for Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Applications






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   Captivair - For wide format printing

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Important Benefits


    ●  Flexible/User Friendly    ●  Custom Configurable    ●  Safe and Powerful    ●  Economical to own and use

    ●  Environmentally friendly    ●  Unique and proven technology



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Occupational Safety and Health

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